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Duncan Hannah: The Lost World

Duncan Hannah's paintings are like puzzle pieces that stand alone but when put together might go like this: Take a drive from your house in Nash Terraces, Sussex Place, with Isabelle in your Blue Car to Southhampton where you might board The Olympic, the Queen Mary, or something from the New Zealand Line, then sail to New York and visit the Ghost of 61st St. (near Madison).

Or this: Summer, 1938, Leaving Shanghai (or was it Leaving Hong Kong?) en route to Scotland--remember catching Fireflies at Loch Lomond? (Regarding Pauline and her Scottish Teacup at The Albert Memorial--that secret is safe). Then south to England--Midsummer, Middlesex--magical.

Or this: Remember the car, the year, the place--my Bugatti, 1924, Cap d'Antibes--I met you on your Bike, you had just come from visiting the Villa Medici--where has the time gone...

Your imagination is the ticket.