Photo: Debra Bilow

After twenty-three years in business, Darren has taken the position of department head for Books, Maps, and Manuscripts at Freeman's auction house in Philadelphia. Although the store is now closed, our stock is still available to browse and purchase online through Abebooks

Darren Winston began his career as a vintage bookseller in New York City in 1995. His first ten years were spent selling at fairs, flea markets, and out of a briefcase. He then moved to Connecticut, where he operated his storefrontDarren Winston, Booksellerin downtown Sharon since 2009. The Modernist-style showroom, located at 81 Main Street, was a different take on both the traditional gallery and the vintage bookshop: an orderly yet inviting space with an enticing and meticulously arranged variety of books. The shelves held everything from from first editions to pulp fiction classics. And art wasn't only found on the covers of books in the store; the space also functioned as a small gallery and events space that hosted a wide range of artists and authors.